We have some great news for you! The newest game from JAST USA, Nympho Sensei Ryoko, is shipping now! The game is available immediately as a digital download from JAST USA or J-List, and the shrinkwrapped CD-ROM version will ship by May 7 or so. (We ran into a last minute snag with the printer, but released the download codes so everyone could play while they waited for physical packages to arrive.) Read this overview, or head on over to the game’s official site.

Nympho Sensei Ryoko is a great example of a yaruge, that is a game that’s very focused on sex. It has an innovative game system unlike any we published in the past in which you relive the same day over and over again, seeing how much great sex even have during the course of the day. Sounds like a good day to us!

The Japanese title of the game is 皇涼子のビッチな一日 Sumeraga Ryoko no Bitch na Ichinichi, roughly translatable as “A day in the the Bitch Life of Ryoko Sumeraga.” Although the Japanese use my English words, they often “remap” them to have slightly different meanings. In this case, they use the word “bitch” the way we use “slut.”

We are happy to report that this game has been translated without any changes to the content at all, and is fully uncensored.

Nympho Sensei Ryoko

Every day starts out the same, with our heroine in waking up and started her “glorious day.” Sometimes she wakes up alone, and sometimes she wakes up with one of the other characters, having spent the night with them the previous night.

Nympho Sensei Ryoko 1

Many of the events that Ryoko encounters during the game are random, however some are set to happen at certain points in the gahttp://nymphosenseiryoko.com/site/index.htmlhttp://nymphosenseiryoko.com/site/index.htmlhttp://nymphosenseiryoko.com/site/index.htmlme, sometimes depending on which gameplay through you’re on.

Nympho Sensei Ryoko 2

Nympho Sensei Ryoko 3

nympho sensei ryoko train molestation

Most mornings feature a random chikan (trained molester) event in which Ryoko is doing the molesting, rather than the reverse. Sometimes she targets random students on their way to school, other times it’s one of the teachers she works with. If they don’t agree to grope her, she’ll scream, so naturally they do as they’re told. Wouldn’t you?

Nympho Sensei Ryoko Move
This is the games movement system of Nympho Sensei Ryoko. Basically, during the morning and during the afternoon, you have several “moves” which you can make, traveling around the school. There are two school buildings, the old and the new one, plus several locations outside you can visit. Once you run out of moves, some event will take place at lunchtime or as you go to leave the school for the evening.

Panty Thief

In this segment, a panties thief breaks into the girls locker room and steals all their panties, causing consternation by the female characters. It’s up to Ryoko to catch the thief and punish him!

Nympho Sensei Ryoko 45 Nympho Sensei Ryoko 5
nympho sensei ryoko lesbian

Ryoko isn’t just a “bitch” (slut) who loves sex. She’s also a teacher, who really wants to guide her students in life. So she’s actually teaching them the importance of having loving and caring relationships, even while she has sex with the male, and female, students.

nympho sensei ryoko fellatio

Nympho Sensei Ryoko B

Now let’s meet the characters in the game…

RyokoRyoko Sumeragi. The main heroine of Nympho Sensei Ryoko. On the surface, she seems to be a dedicated teacher at a private academy, but in reality she’s a nymphomaniac who loves to have as much sex as possible, from morning till night. Her goal is to help her students learn about the world, including sex, so they can have important and deep relationships in the future.


Akito Sumeragi. Akito is the younger brother of Ryoko, and often the target of her sexual perversions. He gives as well as he gets most of the time.Hitomi

Hitomi Koga. Hitomi is a Ryoko’s student and Akito’s classmate, and also their designated sex slave, willing to endure any sexual act that’s asked of her.

Magi Kujo. Maki works alongside Ryoko as a P.E. teacher. While she’s critical of her for being such a nymphomaniac, she’s a total slut herself, too.


nympho sensei ryoko gameplay exampla

Uncensored version here.

Thanks for reading. Do you want to play Nympho Sensei Ryoko?  Visit the official site here!

Finally, here’s the (SFW) version of the trailer.

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