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Enjoy a fun game for SPY x FAMILY fans in which you follow the Forger family for a dy!
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Enjoy a fun visual novel for Nintendo Switch in which you follow Anya Forger as she spends a fun day with her family.

Anya has been tasked with writing a "daily diary" telling all she's done, and this game allows us to help her have a fun day. In addition to visual novel elements there are mini games, as Anya helps her parents with their secret missions, and does lots of other fun things.

About this software product This is a standard Nintendo Switch game card made for the Japanese market. It is 'region free' and can be used any Nintendo Switch of any region although Nintendo has not tested all overseas software with systems from all regions and cannot guarantee full service and support. Note that the software itself and game manual are in Japanese, so some language knowledge is recommended for full enjoyment of the game.

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