Fukubukuro 2024 -- DX Anime & Toy Set

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This is the 2024 edition of our popular Anime and Toy Fukubukuro Set, shipping from our Japan warehouse. Lots of anime goodies in each bag! This is the deluxe version.
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In Japan, they have a fun custom around New Year's for stores to sell sealed "lucky bags" filled with unknown contents to customers, which feature items valued at much more than the price of the bag. These "fukubukuro" grab bags are so popular, you can see lines of customers waiting to buy them at department stores. And J-List brings this great tradition to our customers, too!

This is a large bag of goodies for the anime and Japanese toy enthusiast in you. In total, the original value of all these items are more than $250, but you can get these items for much less! The items will be sent to you in a box. What cool items will be in your bag?

Note The contents of this bag is a mix of anime and non-anime toys(such as items from Sanrio or San-X).

Please note, these are in limited availability so grab yours while supplies last!

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