Ghibli Dining Table ~ Castle in the Sky Laputa

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This is a great item for fans of the Studio Ghibli film Castle in the Sky Laputa: an official cookbook showing you how to make all the foods seen in the film!
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Enjoy this amazing official Studio Ghibli item, a hardcover cookbook filled with recipes and photos allowing you to prepare all the food items seen in the film Castle in the Sky Laputa.

The book introduces all the characters from the film and also shows the various foods that that they eat on-screen. Then section by section the book shows recipes on how to make each dish, whether it's Pazu's single slice of bread with fried egg or or the hamsteak that Dora eats, or the stew that Sheeta makes for the pirates.

The book is in Japanese but there are hiragana (furigana) above all kanji, making it easy to read for anyone studying Japanese. You can also translated the pages with Google Translate on your phone.

Pages: 65

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