Loose Socks 100cm

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One of the most legendary fashion movements of the 1990s in Japan was the rise of GALs, aka gyaru or kogyaru, and the large, baggy socks they wore, called "loose socks," are back!
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A truly rare and unique part of Japanese pop culture, J-List is bringing back 100% authentic Japanese "loose socks," the thick, bunched-up socks that have become a part of Japanese high school culture and gal fashion! These are a great item for anyone interested in trying on authentic loose socks from Japan or cosplaying as characters that wear loose socks.

Size is 24-26 cm or smaller. Men with smaller feet can use them as otokonoko cosplay, though they might be tight if you have larger feet.

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Length: 100cm (39.4in)
Foot Size: 24-25

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