SENPAI HACHIMAKI Please notice me Senpai

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Enjoy J-List's custom kanji headbands! This is the Senpai version.
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Japan has a very strict culture on based on ranking relating to senpai (those who have been in a company longer than you have, aka seniors) and kohai (those who have been in a company for a shorter time than yourself, aka freshmen). Typically, the kohai respect their senpai, but sometimes it goes beyond respect like admiration or love, specially in anime. One common occurrence in anime is that a kohai is in love with her senpai but the he doesn't love her, to which the kohai wishes her senpai would notice her. When you want to show your spirit and declare to the world that you want your senpai to notice you, there's nothing like wearing a Japanese headband, known as hachimaki in Japanese. This is an elegant white Japanese headband which shows its beautiful kanji message in black. The message on this headband says senpai.

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