Looking For A Japanese Girl Friend HACHIMAKI

Shipping from Japan
The ultimate product for J-List customers who want a Japanese girlfriend, this is a kanji headband that says 日本人彼女募集中!
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J-List's kanji T-shirts are an otaku institution, and have brought fans much joy over the years. Now we've got a new item just for you custom printed Japanese hachimaki headbands! This one has a fun message, nihonjin kanojo boshuchu, which means "looking for a Japanese girlfriend," or more accurately, "Now accepting applications for a Japanese girlfriend." The headband is printed with red and white ink on a 100% cotton hachimaki, and has the meaning of the headband written in small letters on one end in case you forget what it says. Made in Kyoto, Japan and shipped in a protective package.

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Length: 83.5cm (32.9in)
Height: 8cm (3.1in)
Material: Cotton 100%

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