'Death to Normies' Custom Kanji Headband Hachimaki

Shipping from Japan
If you're tired of happy, well-adjusted people around you, now you can tell them to go to hell with this kanji headband!
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In modern Japanese otaku culture, a "normal" person who has a happy life and a boyfriend/girlfriend to sleep with at night is known as a Riaju, short for real life jujitsu or "having a happy real life," e.g. normies or filthy casuals/ Otakus naturally hate these people, and there's a famous slogan riaju wa shine, meaning "Death to Normies." When you want to show your spirit and declare to the world that you do not approve of normies, there's nothing like wearing a Japanese headband, known as hachimaki in Japanese. This is an elegant white Japanese headband which shows its beautiful kanji message in black. The message on this headband says riaju wa shine.

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