Italian Lace Bra & Shorts - Otokonoko 2L (Male M)

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All us guys would love to have the option of becoming girls, and thanks to the otokonoko fashions from Tamatoys, we can! This is an Italian Lace Bra Shorts set sized for guys!
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If you've ever secretly wanted to become a gorgeous gal, now you can, thanks to this bra shorts (panties) set. Since it's from Tamatoys, the quality is super high, with all the features you'd want in a real pair of sexy underwear including reinforced crotch and a high satin finish on the fabric, and high quality lace.

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Bust Size: 93 cmcm (36.6in)
Hip Size: 97-105cm (38.2-41.3in)
Material: Nylon, polyurethane
Size: Otokonoko 2L
Under Bust: 80
Cup Size: B

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SKU: TMT1648