Kuro Tights EXTRA

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If you love sex girls in dark tights, then this artbook is for you! The new book overseen by Yom gives us 95 pages of outstanding girls in tights by Japan's top artists!
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There are 95 illustrations in this gorgeous perfect-bound artbook with offerings by Yom, Kantoku 40hara, Tsugugu, Piro, and many more. The book is organized into several sections, including Kuro Tights (black tights), Iyapan and Mitu Tights, with artists contributing their take on both the "I want a girl to look at me with a disgusted face while showing me her panties" and Miru Tights art styles, a section on heso x tights or belly buttons coupled with sexy stockings, and a section with original illustrations made just for this volume. It's great!

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