E2 - Etsu vol.71

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This is volume 71 of E2, the quarterly magazine that brings you only the cutest anime girls. Each issue also comes with exclusive free gifts like large pin-up posters of cute and original anime girls.
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Each perfect-bound, A4-size issue features galleries of beautiful artwork from famous moe illustrators like Kantoku, Tenmu, and Nishimata Aoi, plus interviews and guides to drawing your own super-cute girls. You also get new issues of fun moe manga and previews of upcoming games! Immerse yourself in a world of bishoujo and moe beyond your wildest dreams with this excellent magazine.

IN THIS ISSUE: Lots of awesome artwork and original content by Japan's top artists, with information on each artist and the characters in works they been creating. There are tons of art by Coffee Kizoku, Yoru no Mitsuki, DSMairu, and Fujima Takuya, as well as other popular artists like Tam-U, Mori Airi, Muririn, Tomo-, and many more. Best of all, this issue comes with a special gift, a Coffee Kizoku Rough & Line Artbook.

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