KURUMI -Kantoku 20th Anniversary ArtWorks

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Celebrate the amazing career of Japanese illustrator Kantoku, who releases his newest artbook, KURUMI!
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For 20 years, Japanese hentai illustrator Kantoku has given us amazing art to fall in love with. One of his most popular characters has always been Kurumi, a high school girl who wants to do nice things for you. We get hundreds of pieces of art of her as well as Kantoku's other characters in this deluxe artbook.

The 320-page artbook is divided into several sections, which are

1. Kurumi Original Works
2. Kurumi Public Works
3. Kuru x Shizu
4. Nagisa Umineko
5. Nagisa
6. Mai
7, Akemi Himeru
8. More Heroines

The book is incredible, with thick, bright pages and art that pops off the page.

This artbook is newly restocked!

Pages: 320

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