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The Tokyo Interstellar Bureau of Immigration: Japan's finest cosmic border patrol team, busting their butts on the daily to keep Planet Earth safe.
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A modern science-fiction extravaganza rockets onto the scene! From rising artist Mado Guchimoto publisher VAST Visual comesTokyo Interstellar Immigration,a non-stop action-packed adventure that will keep you glued to its pages until the very end!
Lein and Ann are two not-so-ordinary high school girls, moonlighting as quarantine agents for the Tokyo Interstellar Bureau of Immigration. They counter esoteric alien threats with ease, but the Bureau's work is never done there's always another threat, lurking just out of sight. Within these pages lie seven unique stories grafted into a single contiguous whole, shadowy conspiracies tying each tale to the next as you experience the planet Earth you thought you knew through the eyes of interstellar immigration agents. Not a page is wasted asTokyo Interstellar Immigrationweaves together a brand-new world in this love letter to science-fiction!
Bursting at the seams with colorful characters and gadgets galore, Mado Guchimoto and VAST Publishing have given it their all to deliver you this super-special English edition of Tokyo Interstellar Immigration! Every bit of colorful sci-fi jargon translated and each SFX exquisitely lettered by hand, VAST Visual goes the distance to perfectly preserve the original reading experience. The only departure from the Japanese edition is a massive upgrade from the original small-format B6 size to a jumbo B5 interstellar-size release!

Pages: 200
Size: B5

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