The Song of Saya Plush - FUMOFUMO SAYA

Pre-order Arrives March, 2025 Shipping from USA
This is a preorder for the second shipment of the FUMOFUMO SAYA plush. For those who have missed the first preorder, this is your chance to get the plush.
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$60.00 Price (Estimated)
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Pre-Orders Details Arrives March, 2025

This product is a preorder that will ship in the future. The price listed is the deposit to place a preorder today. The full amount plus shipping fees will be due once the product becomes available in the future.

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Saya, the heroine of NITRO PLUS's world famous horror game Saya no Uta, has become a Fumo Fumo Plush! We've taken great care to recreate her outfit from the game. Saya is being produced in limited quantities for customers outside of Japan only, so act fast if you want to own her!

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