KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World Blu-ray Box

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Here's a treat for Konosuba fans: a special Blu-ray that gives you ALL the anime you want to see, with both seasons, the movie and OVAs...with full English subtitles
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Product Information


Japan's anime releases are getting better! This is a special Konosuba Blu-ray Box that is loaded with awesome content for fans. And, you get full optional English subtitles!

This box includes

1. Konosuba season 1 (10 episodes)
2. Konosuba sesson 2 (10 episodes)
3. All Konosuba OAVs
4. Konosuba Movie
5. Original package designed by character designer Koichi Kikuda

You get these with full English subtitles for the entire series. You also get optional English, Spanish or Portuguese dubbed tracks for some episodes.

Number of Blu-rays 5

Run Time: 624min

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