Ocean Waves – Umi ga Kikoeru (Blu-ray)

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Enjoy the definitive release of this classic Studio Ghibli anime film, with tons of extras including optional English subtitles.
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There are two kinds of Studio Ghibli films those created by Hayao Miyazaki and those that aren't, and while Ocean Waves (Japanese title Umi ga Kikoeru, or "I Can Hear the Sea") is not directed by either Miyazaki or Takahata, it's still one of the greatest films the company has made.

It's the story of Taku, a Japanese high school student who meets a mysterious (and selfish) girl named Rikako, who has come to Kochi (on Japan's smallest island of Shikoku) from Tokyo following her parents' divorce. It's a beautiful story of modern love, and is a work all Ghibli fans should watch.

This is the definitive Blu-ray release, in 1920x1080p full HD with a gorgeous suite of extras including all storyboards for the film presented in "picture in picture" format alongside the action, all film trailers, a feature documentary on the artwork in Japanese, and more. Includes full optional Japanese or English subtitles and Japanese audio. A great Japanese animated film from Studio Ghibli!

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