The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Blu-ray)

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Enjoy the definitive release of this classic Studio Ghibli anime film, with tons of extras including optional subtitles and dubbed tracks in English and other languages.
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A wonderful film by Studio Ghibli's legendary director Isao Takahata, this is Kaguya Hime (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya), a Japanese folk tale about an elderly bamboo cutter who finds a baby inside a stump of bamboo and takes the child home to his wife. It's a magical girl who came down from the moon, and wonderful adventure for everyone to enjoy. This is the definitive version of the film released by Studio Ghibli into the Japanese market, which includes full multi language dubbed tracks (Japanese, English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese), plus subtitles in Japanese, English, French, Korean, Mongolian and Cantonese. The high quality release includes extra, too, including storyboards and commentary by the creators.

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