Ayakashi Triangle 1 -- Uncesored Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

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Here's the long-awaited Blu-ray series of Ayakashi Triangle, the ecchi anime about gender-bending!
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The Ayakashi Triangle anime series follows Matsuri, a ninja who performs exorcists on supernatural creatures floating around all of us. One day he meets a super powerful one who turns him into a girl!

Now that he's a girl, will Matsuri's childhood friend Suzu Kanade be able to hold back her feelings? And can he protect Suzu from the Ayakashi demons who want to do her harm?

This limited Blu-ray comes with

* Full box to store the other Blu-rays in when released, with original art by Yabuki Kentaro
* A special CD with character songs and original soundtrack, vol. 1
* A special booklet with character art from the series
* Episodes 1 and 2 in full 1080p quality, and uncensored
* Commentary track by the producer and manga creator

We have verified that this Blu-ray is completely uncensored, showing nipples, pantyshots and other wonderful things as expected.

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Length: 47 mincm (18.5in)

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