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Want to become a better artist? This How to Draw book can help you learn to draw pairs of friends and capture the emotion of their friendship!
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This is an outstanding How to Draw book that comes with hundreds of examples, both inside the book as well as on the included DVD-ROM, with copyright-free images you can trace, imitate or digitally color!

The sections in the book include

1. Basic poses including standing, sitting, and conversations
2. Going to school together, playing sports, etc.
3. Friends enjoying their days together, expressions emotions together
4. Dramatic scenes (crying, laughing, emotional, and fantasy).

The book is very useful, using wire framed images that are easy to copy as you learn how to express emotions and feelings in your art!

Language is Japanese only, but the text is in small boxes in most cases, so it's easy to translate with Google Translate on your phone!

This artbook is newly restocked!

Pages: 160

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