Learning from Top Illustrators About Color and Characters

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One of the most important aspects of creating art is digital coloring, and here's a How to Draw book in which top illustrators gives you his wisdom!
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This is a very useful How to Draw book in which some of Japan's best illustrator give you their wisdom about how to digitally color images to create different effects.

There are several sections to the book

1. Retro color, in which three artists give different lessons in how to approach coloring with Photoshop
2. Vivid color, featuring two more sections on guiding an illustration from rough to digitally colored final image
3. Blue color, learning how to incorporate the color blue into images for amazing style
4. A section on rose color and how to build images with it
5. Gradiations, exploring how to use this technique in your art
6. Monochrome, what can using only blacks and greys do to improve your art.

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Pages: 160

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