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Another awesome How to Draw book from Japan, this is How to Draw Kemonomimi, or animal girls, which is a great resource to artists or fans of "furry" anime art!
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This great book, by artists Yanami, Hisona and Shibaya, lets you in on how to create super kawaii art of characters with animal features, as in BEASTARs or Zootopia. The art is great, presenting you with information on how to think about ears and tails, overall character design, and so on. You get detailed sections on the cute ears of cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, rabbit ears and more. If you love catgirls or foxgirls, this book will help you draw them better!

The book also includes a profile of the three artists, and where to follow the on Twitter and Pixiv. A list of the reference books used to make this How to Draw book is also included in the back.

Pages: 150

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