URUSEI YATSURA Blu-ray Disc BOX 1 -- Complete Limited Edition (3 Blu-ray Discs & Music CD)

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Here's a great item for fans of Urusei Yatsura, which got a reboot in 2022, the limited boxed set with all the episodes from the first season!
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The new Urusei Yatsura is an amazing achievement, and now collectors can own all the episodes from the first season in this limited Blu-ray boxed set. The set includes

* episodes 1-11 on the first three Blu-ray discs
* a special CD with Lum's Love Song covered by the new voice actress
* an original box with illustration by character designer Naono Asano
* an illustration card with art by Rumiko Takahashi
* a special booklet and anime magazine
* the "non-credit" OP and ED, plus web advertisements and other promtoional materials

Length: 210+ minscm (82.7in)

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