Bouquet -- hololive IDOL PROJECT

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This is the first full album CD of the hololive IDOL PROJECT group, featuring the characters of popular VTuber group hololive.
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This CD includes the following tracks:
1. Dreaming Days (Bouquet ver.)
2. BLUE CLAPPER (Bouquet ver.)
3. Shijoushugi Ad Truck (Bouquet ver.)
4. STARDUST SONG (Bouquet ver.)
5. Hyakka Ryouran Fubuki (Bouquet ver.)
6. Daily~Diary~! (Bouquet ver.)
7. Koyoi wa Halloween Night! (Bouquet ver.)
8. Suspect (Bouquet ver.)
9. Candy-Go-Round (Bouquet ver.)
10. Asuiro (Bouquet ver.)
11. Shinkyoku (Bouquet ver.)

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