Bouquet -- hololive IDOL PROJECT

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This is the first full album CD of the hololive IDOL PROJECT group, featuring the characters of popular VTuber group hololive.
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This CD includes the following tracks
1. Dreaming Days (Bouquet ver.)
2. BLUE CLAPPER (Bouquet ver.)
3. Shijoushugi Ad Truck (Bouquet ver.)
4. STARDUST SONG (Bouquet ver.)
5. Hyakka Ryouran Fubuki (Bouquet ver.)
6. DailyDiary! (Bouquet ver.)
7. Koyoi wa Halloween Night! (Bouquet ver.)
8. Suspect (Bouquet ver.)
9. Candy-Go-Round (Bouquet ver.)
10. Asuiro (Bouquet ver.)
11. Shinkyoku (Bouquet ver.)

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