Separate Sailor Swimsuit - Otokonoko 2L

Shipping from Japan
If you'd like to see how the other half lives, enjoy this otokonoko sailor uniform-styled swimsuit that's sized for men to wear, and very cute!
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Product Information


This is a separate sailor swimsuit which looks like a sailor uniform, but it's a swimsuit, made of materials that can get wet in the pool with no problem. There are two parts, the top and the bottom skirt, and they're both sized 2L for men to wear.

Bust Size: 88-98cm (34.6-38.6in)
Hip Size: 84-97cm (33.1-38.2in)
Material: Polyester 90% / Polyurethane 10%
Waist Size: 84-94cm (33.1-37in)

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SKU: TMT1621