Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! ~Noroi no Ibutsu to Madoishi Bokensha-tachi -- Switch – Completely Limited Edition

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This is the limited edition of the KONOSUBA ~Noroi no Ibutsu to Madoishi Boukensha-tachi for the Nintendo Switch.
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This is the sequel to entergram's hit video game Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! ~kibou no meikyuu to tsudoishi boukenshatachi. In this story, Kazuma gets wrongfully accused of a crime and his level is reset to 1 because of a dungeon trap. To avoid the death penalty, he must complete the quest of a noble to repair an ancient relic.

The game is a first person 3D dungeon crawler RPG with new dungeons to explore and new monsters to fight. You can also switch Kazuma's job class and craft magical items to help him in various quests.

This is the limited edition which includes not only the game but also Chinese dress DLC costumes, Megumi & Yunyun Swimsuit Acryl figure, B2 tapestry, and original soundtrack. Note DLC code valid until December 31, 2027.

About this software product: This is a standard Nintendo Switch game card made for the Japanese market. It is 'region free' and can be used any Nintendo Switch of any region although Nintendo has not tested all overseas software with systems from all regions and cannot guarantee full service and support. Note that the software itself and game manual are in Japanese, so some language knowledge is recommended for full enjoyment of the game.

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