Kantoku Artist Calendar 2024

Shipping from Japan
This is the 2024 Kantoku Artist Calendar, a wonderful calendar filled with gorgeous illustrations of cute girls by popular Japanese artist Kantoku.
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Get a full year of Kantoku with this new, large scale calendar. Fans of J-List know that we're big fans of Kantoku, the legendary eroge illustrator who makes the cutest girls with his amazing artist skills. This is a very special item, this popular glossy calendar filled with some of his best creations The printing is absolutely gorgeous, and we could stare at his kawaii anime girls for hours.

NOTE: This calendar will ship after December 21, 2023. This calendar cannot be ordered with any other item (except one of the other artist calendars in the same series) due to the shipping box it comes with.

If customers order this calendar with other items (non-artist calendars, onaholes, figures) we'll have to cancel the order and ask you to re-order. Thanks for your understanding.

Size: 420mm x 594mm
Pages: 13

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