GUNBUSTER Blu-ray Box Standard Edition

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Enjoy this limited Blu-ray remaster of one of the top sci-fi anime in history, Aim for the Top GUNBUSTER, the directoral debut of Hideaki Anno.
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Across six long episodes, follow the journey of Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano as they train under Coach to do battle with the evil monsters from space who threaten the Earth. Loaded with top-quality science fiction battles and bouncing boobs, this remastered edition is perfect for any fan!

The limited edition includes

o Three Blu-ray disks with tons of extras
o All six episodes in full remastered form
o the Gunbuster Perfect Guide extra series, with an interview by director Hideaki Anno and producer Shirou Sasaki
o A "no trimming version" of the final episode
o A special feature made by Denei Teikoku magazine
o Additional material too!

Japanese language only

Length: 104 minscm (40.9in)
Additional Feature Length: 234 mins

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