Feminine Bra & Shorts - Otokonoko 2L (Male M)

Shipping from Japan
This is a great set of bra and shorts sized for otokonoko cosplay fans, who want to enjoy the feel of female clothing against their skin.
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Product Information


Enjoy this cute Feminine Bra and Shorts set which allows guys to enjoy the feel of pretty lace underwear against their body, just like the girls get to enjoy. The perfect otokonoko cosplay item, they're sized for male 2L size, so they should fit almost everyone!

Naturally the quality is very high, with soft lacing and satin fabric used, and all the features the best underwear for women would contain. The bra contains a wire to help it keep its shape while being worn.

Hip Size: 97-105cm (38.2-41.3in)
Underbust Size: 80cm (31.5in)

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SKU: TMT1642