DIEBUSTER Blu-ray Box Standard Edition

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Enjoy this limited Blu-ray remaster of one of the top sci-fi anime in history, Aim for the Top 2 DIEBUSTER, the sequel to Gunbuster.
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An incredible sequel made for the 20th anniversary of Gainax, this limited boxed set gives you the ultimate story of DIEBUSTER. It's tens of thousands of years in the future, and mankind is still battling the evil Uchu Kaiju space monsters, with the help of talented fighters known as Topless. Can they triumph over their enemy once and for all, in time to meet two travelers who are coming home?

The limited edition includes

o Three Blu-ray disks with tons of extras
o All six episodes in full remastered form
o ARCHIVE OF THE STAFF with caster interviews, TV promotional placements, the "non credit" OP and ED
o A "making of DIEBUSTER" feature with an interview with Kazuya Tsurumaki

Length: 116 minscm (45.7in)
Additional Features Length: 190 mins

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