Cool Sailor Pajamas - Otokonoko 2L

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We can't easily transform into Japanese girls, not without the help of Truck-kun sending us to other worlds anyway. The next best thing is otokonoko cosplay from Tamatoys!
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This awesome new item by Tamatoys is a 2L size sailor pink pajama. It's made for the otokonoko but it can be worn by women, too. Awesome for pajama parties and sleep-overs, or for discovering your true self. The pajama is a one piece type of clothing, which is maid of a shiny material that reflects light and feels good against the skin.

This is a "one-piece type" meaning that the top and skirt are joined.

Size: Otokonoko 2L
Bust Size: 94-102cm (37-40.2in)
Hip Size: 92-100cm (36.2-39.4in)
Length: 92cm (36.2in)
Material: Polyester, Polyurethane

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SKU: TMT1599