• Osomatsu-Kun Best Collection - Tatsumi English Comics
    This is a wonderful Osomatsu-kun manga in a bilingual format, perfect for students of Japanese as well as fans of Osomatsu-san. The original artwork is preserved in right-to-left format, with English written in the dialogue balloons and the Japanese written outside the panel. Sound effects have Japanese-English translation as well. These books are great for not only learning Japanese but make great reading, these comics are as funny today as they were 30 years ago and offer an interesting peek into Japanese culture. Great for studying the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
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  • COSPLAY MODE July 2016
    For Cosplay fans, there is only one official magazine, CosPLAY Mode -- a magazine for women (and pretty boy men) who love cosplay, costumes and style. Every issue containing high quality photos of amateur and professional cosplayers donning their gear and posing at studios and conventions. This is a great resource of ideas and tips on how to become your favorite anime and game characters, with hundreds of full color photos, tips on making accessories and costumes, makeup and hair style guides -- each issue is a treasure trove of information that can be enjoyed by hardcore cosplayers and novices alike. For omake in this issue you get a full cosplay sewing pattern. Plus, great cosplay articles and photoshoots of both professionals and amateurs. Learn how to dress up as your favorite characters!
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